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Research Interests

I am a batrachologist with research interest in variety of fields in science. My research is mainly focused on behavioural ecology and natural history studies in anuran amphibians of the Western Ghats, India. Reproductive behaviour in species of Micrixalidae, Nyctibatrachidae, Ranixalidae and Rhacophoridae fascinates me.

My current research is on Urban Ecology looking at processes that drive diversity and distribution in urban environment. I integrate landscape ecology in all my research.

I use R, QGIS and MaxEnt tools in my research.

Research Experiences

2015 - till date Chief Scientist at Gubbi Labs LLP
2009 - 2014 Research Scientist at CiSTUP, IISc, Bangalore
2003 – 2009 Project Associate at CES, IISc., Bangalore
1999 – 2002 Research Fellow (JRF and SRF) at Department of Environmental Science, Kuvempu University.
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Teaching is the best way to learn and learning process never ends.